May 15, 2009

I paint my dream... and then I build my dream museum.

How do museums value the importance of things?
Should museums only collect objects that are beautiful, sacred or rare?
Have you ever imagine to build a collection in museums?

Asia Art Archive (AAA) launches the campaign with 10,000 specially designed cards sent to schools, universities, art organizations and other interested parties throughout Hong Kong. Individuals are being invited to build their museum collection by sending in their responses with an image to the dream museum website. Participants registering for the online project will receive a complimentary ticket for ART HK 09.

I displayed 2 mandala prints at the Dream Museum at ART HK 09 - "Heart-Opening" and "Silver Lotus". Thanks to AAA for the creation of an environment that the public can easily access thereby contesting the traditional perceptions of the museum as a place of authority and exclusivity.

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