Jun 22, 2009

Artist Meetup Group on 21 Jun 09 (Sun)

A wonderful evening with Lee and other Artist Meetup Group members. Each person have completed their personal mandala drawing. We also drew the "Z" faces...

About Artist Meetup Group
Meetup Description by Lee du Ploy

Art as therapy has a place in society, it matters because it allows us to express ourselves without words.

Very often more precisely that you would like to believe. Understanding what we say by painting or drawing is the subconscious 's way of explaining. painful and traumatic experieneces sometimes from our youth or childhood is reaveled, its a way to express that without the trauma.

The pleasure art gives to millions around the world is the measure by which we should value art.

The classes so far have been varied from stage design to blind drawing but all very meaningful,everybody here has an opportunity to discuss and explore their "meaning" whether its the truth or merely the expression of truth. I am lucky to have a big open space in which we can paint,fortunately so big that many can fit around a single painting. This will be the theme of the work when we re start after summer break.

Fion's mandala

Lee's mandala

Jasmine's mandala

Helen's mandala

Terrence's mandala

Subash's mandala

Monique's mandala

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Jun 13, 2009

ArtWaken Mandala Art Stall @ JCCAC on 13 Jun 09 (Sat)

My first art stall at JCCAC on 13 Jun 09 (Sat). I launched a new product - Mandala Coloring Pages.

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NEW Product - ArtWaken Mandala Coloring Pages

Unique & Original Hand Illustrated Mandala Coloring Pages - US$8.50

6 Mandala Designs: Angel Wings, Circle Mandala – Rose, Lotus, Mystic Wheels, Pearl & Tree of Life

The word mandala comes from Sanskrit means circle, center, circumference, sacred circle or magic circle. By coloring a mandala, we shift from our outer preoccupations and concerns and take the time to connect to our inner feelings and desires. It is a combination of active meditation and color therapy. Coloring materials could be color pencil, crayon, water color, acrylic paint etc.

Email info@ArtWakenMandala.com to order.

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Jun 10, 2009

ArtWaken Mandala Art Stall at JCCAC on 13 & 14 Jun 09

Welcome to my Art Stall @ JCCAC this summer.

On 13 June (Sat), I will launch a new product - Hand Illustrated Mandala Coloring Pack. It is a pack of 6 mandala coloring pages with original designs of my paintings. More about Mandala Coloring.

The Art Stall will be held at every 2nd weekend of June, July and August, 1pm to 7pm. Here, you will discover a lot of passionate artists' works from hand-made creations, hand-painted fabrics, Indian tattoos, improvising do-it-yourself, to glass ornaments, art books, second-hand CDs... even their secret recipes of snacks and drinks will be disclosed. Quench the hit-hot summer with your favourite artists. Why miss it!

Date: 13 - 14 June 2009 , 11 - 12 July 2009 AND 8 - 9 August 2009
Time: 1pm - 7pm
Venue: 2/F, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC)
Address: 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Admission Free

See you at the stall!

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Jun 4, 2009

ArtWaken Mandala on YouTube: Introducing My First Mandala Painting ~ Tree of Life 生命中的第一個 Mandala

The 3rd video clip on YouTube (in Cantonese)

Introducing My First Mandala Painting ~ Tree of Life.
Tree of Life represents Life & Growth. It symbolized a connection with, and celebration of life. Dated 5 Dec 2004.

Available as original painting and giclee prints. Email info@ArtWakenMandala.com or click here to order.

生命中的第一個 Mandala
Maria介紹生命中的第一個 Mandala:Tree of Life (生命之樹)

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Jun 3, 2009

Mandala Winner of May 09 Lucky Draw

On 2 June 2009 (Tue), I had a prize presentation & dinner with Joyce Tang at a Chinese vegetarian restaurant ~ Pure Veggie House (心齋) in Central (Hong Kong).

Joyce won a Buddha Face Mandala Prints in May 09 Lucky Draw at ArtWakenMandala.com. Congratulations!

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ArtWaken Mandala on YouTube 你也這樣動手畫Mandala

2nd video clip on YouTube (in Cantonese) - "How to Draw a Mandala?".


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Jun 2, 2009

ArtWaken Mandala June 09 Lucky Draw

Join our mailing list and enter our monthly lucky draw to win a mandala print. It is a "play until you win" lucky draw. All existing and new subscribers, except past prize winners, will be re-entered the lucky draw automatically.

Prize of June 09 lucky draw is "Mystic Wheels" Mandala Art Print, worth US$40.

For details of lucky draw, please click on http://www.artwakenmandala.com/

The lucky draw will be ending at 09:00am (US Pacific Time) on 30th June 2009. ACT NOW *Convert to local time

(click image to enlarge)

Mystic Wheels Mandala was created in May 2006. When you keep looking at the image, it seems to be moving before your eyes. The wheels are spinning and expanding the energy from the heart of the mandala.

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