Jul 12, 2009

Mandala Art Stall on 11 & 12 Jul 09

Mandala Art Stall at JCCAC on 11 - 12 July 2009 (Sat & Sun).

See you again on 8 & 9 August 09.

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Jul 10, 2009

ArtWaken Mandala Art Stall on 11-12 July 09

Welcome to my Art Stall @ JCCAC this summer.

The Art Stall will be held at every 2nd weekend of July and August, 1pm to 7pm. Here, you will discover a lot of passionate artists' works from hand-made creations, hand-painted fabrics, Indian tattoos, improvising do-it-yourself, to glass ornaments, art books, second-hand CDs... even their secret recipes of snacks and drinks will be disclosed. Quench the hit-hot summer with your favourite artists. Why miss it!

Date: 11 - 12 July 2009 AND 8 - 9 August 2009
Time: 1pm - 7pm*
Venue: 2/F, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC)
Address: 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon, Hong Kong

* Mandala Art Stall will be closed at 6pm on 11 July 09 (Sat)

Admission Free

See you at the stall!

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Jul 9, 2009

Effortless Success Jul 09 Lucky Draw Results

Effortless Success Jul 09 Lucky Draw, partnering with Effortless Success and Holistic Asia.


First prize: Danelia Eadon

Second prize: Resham Premchand

Third prize: Jessica Woo


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Jul 7, 2009

How to Create Good Luck? (Part 2)

Luck is a state of mind.

Lucky people are far more satisfied with all areas of their lives than unlucky or neutral people.

There are three ways in which lucky people's extroversion significantly increases the likelihood of their having a lucky chance encounter, like meeting a large number of people, being a 'social magnet' and keeping in contact with people.

Lucky people, for example, smile twice as often and engage in more eye contact than unlucky people do, which leads to more social encounters, which generates more opportunities.

Lucky people were half as anxious as the unlucky ones. Lucky people tend to be more relaxed than most, they are more likely to notice chance opportunities, even when they are not expecting them.

Lucky people are open to new experiences in their lives... They don't tend to be bound by convention and they like the notion of unpredictability. Lucky people travel more, encounter novel prospects and welcome unique opportunities.

Lucky people expect good things to happen, and when they do they embrace them. But even in the face of adversity, lucky people turn bad breaks into good fortune.

(Source: MindPowerNews.com)

About Effortless Success July Lucky Draw

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How to Create Good Luck? (Part 1)

Another inspiring article about creating good luck.

How to Create Good Luck?

All you have to do is believe that you are lucky, and have a belief system that allows you to be lucky everyday.

Change the way you think and the way you see things, you will begin to create your own good luck and good fortune.

Lucky people seize opportunities, they create positive self-fulfilling prophecies and have a resilient attitude that allows them to turn bad luck into good luck by focusing on what went right, and how things could have been much worse - a process that allows them to be thankful for what happened and to look at the positive side of the situation.

Have an open mind and this means that you take a closer look at opportunities - don't dismiss those things that seem coincidental.

  • Be open to all possibilities.
  • Try a different approach when you can.
  • Do things a little differently.

When you regularly do this you get your mind and subconscious mind to focus on finding ways to do things. That's when luck begins to come your way. It's all because your subconscious mind begins to create the situations for you to succeed. But this will only happen when you believe you can have good luck and when you believe that you can succeed. Start changing your luck today. Start believing that you can have what you want and good things will arrive.

Change the way you see things. Consider yourself lucky. Everyday - think of how lucky you are in all areas of your life. By doing this you'll begin training the mind and subconscious mind to believe that you are lucky - and in the end - you'll attract more positive and lucky events into your life.

To be continued...

(Source: MindPowerNews.com)

About ArtWaken Mandala Lucky Draw
About Effortless Success July Lucky Draw

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Jul 6, 2009

What is "LUCK"?

What is "Luck"? Is it just about winning the lottery? Is it really purely random, unpredictable and difficult to control? What is true definition of luck?

Recently, I was inspired by an article defining good luck.

Luck is another aspect of your reality and perhaps the most powerful and important one. The more conscious and aware you become of the elements of your reality, the more of a conscious and powerful creator you will be.

Your luck is your psychokinetic resonance with the environment you are in. Like everything else, luck is an energy. It is something that is quantifiable not in physical but in nonphysical ways. You can quantify it physically only in terms of its physical manifestations in your life. Luck is dependent on time, place and consciousness.

Luck is also a feeling or emotion because emotion is energy in motion. When you are lucky, you are also feeling lucky. You feel that everything is working against you when you aren't lucky. A state of vibrational harmony or disharmony with your environment is the whole explanation for this.

Your energy level determines your luck vibration. At times when you are feeling low of energy, that is also when your luck vibration is at a low point. You are more likely to make careless mistakes, become more accident prone and flop up in some way. When you are feeling high of energy, that is also when your luck vibration is in a high state. You are sharper, clearer and more in the zone. You seem to be able to do amazing things in ways that baffle others to the point that makes you seem very skillful or lucky.

Once you know that luck is an energy, you can depend on it in that manner. Everything that exists is a part of consciousness and can be controlled by consciousness. Therefore luck exist and is fully under your control. Knowing this, you never have to fear of bad luck because you can make all things work in your favor.

Since luck is dependent on energy, you have to pay attention to your level of energy in every moment and take charge of it. Lack of focus and lack of being adequately present minded also creates bad luck. The first step to controlling luck is to be present minded. If you want to be lucky, you must put your focus in the activity you are doing. Or else you'd create bad luck and mistakes.

Your level of focus and placing your mind in the present determines your psychokinetic resonance with the environment. Focusing is how you channel energy towards a particular time and place. When your focus is here, your energy is channeled here and you experience luck here. Where you focus is where you generate luck in. That is why the secret of success is focus. Successful people are lucky people because they have more focus than the unsuccessful and unlucky ones. Focus to be a lucky one.

Seek to maintain a high level of energy or vibration at all times. People who experience their luck being consistently high all the time maintain their energy and vibration at a high level. Therefore choose to think positive thoughts and feel positive emotions, and you will experience more luck and success in your life. You can also increase your luck when you are more intent of succeeding in a certain situation. Your energy of intent will energize you with the luck you need, and that is why willful intent bends the world to you.

(Source: MindPowerNews.com)

Send us an email to info@ArtWakenMandala.com with a subject of "Effortless Success July Lucky Draw" together with your Name, Email Address, Contact Number. We will put you into a lucky draw to win an Effortless Success Mandala Print and FREE TICKETS to "How to Attract Prosperity" seminar. Closes on 9 Jul 09 (Thurs) at 00:00 (GMT+8, HK time).

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Win an "Effortless Success" Mandala Print

This is a special lucky draw partnering with Effortless Success (a spiritual growth center located in Hong Kong) and Holistic Asia.

Send us an email with a subject of "Effortless Success July Lucky Draw" and your Name, Email Address and Contact Number to info@ArtWakenMandala.com and we will put you into a lucky draw for one of the three prizes described below. Prizes include an "Effortless Success" Mandala Print, a FREE TICKET to attend "How to Attract Prosperity" seminar on 11 Jul 09 in Hong Kong as well as Absolutely Effortless Prosperity Books & CDs.

Lucky draw closes on 9 Jul 09 (Thurs) at 00:00 (GMT+8, Hong Kong Time). We will select three random winners.

Effortless Success Mandala Print
8.5" x 8.5", unstretched canvas

I am so blessed to have this opportunity to practice "Give to Receive" or "捨得" (in Chinese). I believe "You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want" (by Zig Ziglar)

Be Open to Receive & Good Luck!

Love & Gratitude,


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Mandala Winner of June 09

Mandala Winner of June 09 Lucky Draw - Ms. Lori Chang. She won a "Mystic Wheels" mandala print.

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Jul 1, 2009

ArtWaken Mandala July 09 Lucky Draw

Join our mailing list and enter our monthly lucky draw to win a mandala print. It is a "play until you win" lucky draw. All existing and new subscribers, except past prize winners, will be re-entered the lucky draw automatically.

Prize of July 09 lucky draw is "Tree of Life" Mandala Art Print, worth US$40.

For details of lucky draw, please click on http://www.artwakenmandala.com/

The lucky draw will be ending at 09:00am (US Pacific Time) on 31th July 2009. ACT NOW *Convert to local time

(click image to enlarge)

Tree of Life Mandala was my first mandala painting which was created during a mandala painting workshop. Tree of Life represents Life & Growth. It symbolized a connection with, and celebration of life. Dated 5 Dec 2004.

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ArtWaken Mandala Jun 09 Lucky draw Results

Mystic Wheels Mandala Print
Unstretched canvas, 8" x 8"
Winner: Lori Chang


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