Aug 11, 2009

Mandala Painting Exhibition

The 3rd Mandala Painting Exhibition, which is organized by Heart of Eostre, has invited various artists to take part in the exhibition.

Don't miss this opportunity to see some of my original paintings: 100 Good Fortune - White Lotuses, Healing Rose, Effortless Success and The Awakening Fire.

Date: 14 - 16 Aug 2009 (Fri - Sun)
Time: 9am - 11pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre (Foyer)
Address: 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, HK

Free Admission

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1 comment:

JJ's Trading said...

Maria, 嘩!照圖片裡面嘅展品同環境, 同上次有好大分別, 好吸引同好有藝術館feel呀! 可惜今次又嚟唔到, 希望下次能就到時間. 繼續努力, 加油!!!