Aug 2, 2009

The Awakening Fire Mandala

The Awakening Fire Mandala is my 28th mandala painting. This painting ignites the fire within you - that inner joy, passion and vitality for life.

The Awakening Fire Mandala

50cm x 50cm, Acrylic on canvas
Dated 7 July 2009

THE FIRE WITHIN poem by Nicole Weaver

Deep inside me there is a longing
an urgent need to bring to the surface my desire to succeed,
my entire being shiver with anticipation.
If I were to ignore these feelings
it would be hard to face life,
thing sare not always what they appear no matter the challenge.
I confess to stare life square in the face for the fire within,
will not allow me to embrace any failures that fire within,
lures me into thinking positively so in the end,
I am indeed very satisfied and happy!
that fire withinwill stay with me through thick and thin!


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