Jun 24, 2010

"Circle of Life" Mandala Painting Exhibition - Set-up on 23 Jun 2010

"Circle of Life"
Mandala Painting Exhibition by Maria Ng

Opening: 26 June 2010 (Saturday), 2pm – 4pm
Exhibition: 26 June – 11 September 2010, 6pm – 11pm (Closed on Sunday)
Venue: O-Veg.Org Vegetarian Cooking (1/F, 9 Sing Woo Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong)

Please call (852) 2893 3037 before your visit.


The word 'mandala' when translated from the ancient text, Sanskrit, means circle, whole and complete. The exhibition will provide a fascinating insight into the art of Mandala painting. These paintings are like windows into another world, allowing the viewer to take a journey through each one - to be delighted and to be touched by the magic of Mandalas.

"I paint Mandala, Mandala paints my life" ~ Maria Ng

About the venue: O-Veg Vegetarian Cooking (http://www.o-veg.org/)
O-Veg is a Veggie Restaurant and Healthy Food Shop which is cooperated by Organic Vegetable Farm and Advance Continuous Farming. All of our serving organic dishes are transported from our Kam Tin's organic farm every morning.

Full Moon Organic Vegetarian Dinner
Come join us for Full Moon Organic Vegetarian Dinner in the World of Mandalas at O-Veg on 26 June evening. Dinner serves at 6pm - 11pm. HK$132/ person includes soup, salad and main course. Seats are limited. Please RSVP to info@ArtWakenMandala.com.

Full Moon Meditation with Mandalas
Meditate with mandalas during the full moon before or after dinner. The time of the full moon is a time of celebration. The bright full moon reminds us of the pure, brilliant, light INSIDE that is shining, radiating and lights up the darkness of the night. Mandalas has been used as aids for meditation,' as models for certain visualizations', or alternatively as 'aids to self discovery or to meditation on the transcendental'.


開幕: 2010年6月26日﹝星期六﹞ 下午2時至4時
展覽: 2010年6月26日至9月11日 下午6時至晚上11時﹝逢星期日休息﹞
地點: 素苗‧素吃﹝香港跑馬地成和道9號1樓﹞

請先致電(852) 2893 3037以確定展覽日期及時間。


Set-up on 23 Jun 2010 (Wed)

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