Jul 7, 2009

How to Create Good Luck? (Part 2)

Luck is a state of mind.

Lucky people are far more satisfied with all areas of their lives than unlucky or neutral people.

There are three ways in which lucky people's extroversion significantly increases the likelihood of their having a lucky chance encounter, like meeting a large number of people, being a 'social magnet' and keeping in contact with people.

Lucky people, for example, smile twice as often and engage in more eye contact than unlucky people do, which leads to more social encounters, which generates more opportunities.

Lucky people were half as anxious as the unlucky ones. Lucky people tend to be more relaxed than most, they are more likely to notice chance opportunities, even when they are not expecting them.

Lucky people are open to new experiences in their lives... They don't tend to be bound by convention and they like the notion of unpredictability. Lucky people travel more, encounter novel prospects and welcome unique opportunities.

Lucky people expect good things to happen, and when they do they embrace them. But even in the face of adversity, lucky people turn bad breaks into good fortune.

(Source: MindPowerNews.com)

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