Jun 22, 2009

Artist Meetup Group on 21 Jun 09 (Sun)

A wonderful evening with Lee and other Artist Meetup Group members. Each person have completed their personal mandala drawing. We also drew the "Z" faces...

About Artist Meetup Group
Meetup Description by Lee du Ploy

Art as therapy has a place in society, it matters because it allows us to express ourselves without words.

Very often more precisely that you would like to believe. Understanding what we say by painting or drawing is the subconscious 's way of explaining. painful and traumatic experieneces sometimes from our youth or childhood is reaveled, its a way to express that without the trauma.

The pleasure art gives to millions around the world is the measure by which we should value art.

The classes so far have been varied from stage design to blind drawing but all very meaningful,everybody here has an opportunity to discuss and explore their "meaning" whether its the truth or merely the expression of truth. I am lucky to have a big open space in which we can paint,fortunately so big that many can fit around a single painting. This will be the theme of the work when we re start after summer break.

Fion's mandala

Lee's mandala

Jasmine's mandala

Helen's mandala

Terrence's mandala

Subash's mandala

Monique's mandala

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1 comment:

Monique said...

Thank you for posting these. They look great. - Monique