Apr 24, 2009

BioGenesis Mandala

BioGenesis Mandala is my 26th mandala painting. It is also a Corporate Mandala Painting, which incorporates the energy healing tools of BioGenesis.

24" x 24", acrylic on canvas
Dated 30 Mar 2009

Wheels of Genesis (center of the mandala):
There are 27 wheels of Genesis, along with the three Red Rings of Genesis. First Rays, Clear / Transparent, Dark Violet, Light Violet, Sunrise Energy, Green, Full Rays, Dark Blue and Aqua Blue.

BioGenesis Pyramid (the four corners):
The BioGenesis Pyramid is the foundation stone of BioGenesis, which educates the environment and restores harmony.

Other BioGeneis tools (silver glitters on four corners):
BioAmplifier, BioOscillator, BioTranslator, Flame of Genesis, Wand of Genesis, Wings of Genesis, 8 side Pyramid and Shield of Genesis.

Available as giclee prints. Please click here to order.

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