Mar 11, 2009

ArtWaken Corporate Mandala Paintings

Commission a unique Corporate Mandala Painting that paint your company's mission, values and vision on canvas. This one-of-a-kind corporate mandala incorporates your company's logo and theme colors. It serves as a strong focal point for meditation in your workplace which enhances peace of mind and eases problem-solving with whole-minded brain activity. Meditation is also an ideal way to calm the mind, reduce stress levels, bring clarity into your every-day life and to further inspire you to greater creativity.

Discuss with me with your ideas of painting - size, subject matter and any other details. I will give you an estimated time frame for production. Click here for price list.

To order a Commissioned Corporate Mandala Painting, email Maria at

Zama Mandala was a gift to a former naturopathic healing center in HK called "Zama International Limited", founded by Michelle Tanmizi and Jennifer Walker.

"Zama" is an ancient Mayan word meaning Dawn - the birth of a new day; a new beginning and the opportunity to make a fresh start - in any area of our lives.

This painting incorporates:
- Company logo: Silver fern
- Theme wall colors of the center: Red, Light Green and Gold
- Furniture color: Wooden Brown

The "Sunrise" image at the center of the mandala resonates to the meaning of the Mayan word "Zama" and signifies the cycle of life.

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