Feb 2, 2009

Be in the Flow!

I used to go out and exercise on sunny days. That's the way how I could easily connect with my inner guidance. This morning, I realized the power of circulation and the importance of being in the flow.

Everything happens for a reason. I was curious about what makes a person to win in a lucky draw. Somehow, a message came to me that the lady who won the prize was because she shared her abundance with others. What she shared was not only in monetary terms, but also with lots of love and happiness.

Sometimes. it's not easy for us to share anything with others, whether they are material things, knowledge, experience, business and more. It happens because we have a misconception about resources are limited. We become self protected and treat others as "competitors". We no longer interested in sharing, particularly good things like wealth, business and happiness.

The truth is resources are unlimited. Everything is energy which circulates and flows constantly. The better the circulation of energy and the more joy we shared with others, the more good things come to our lives. Be in the flow of life!

Below is a painting called "Follow the Flow" which was created in Jun 2008 during a "Zen" painting workshop. I painted it mostly with my hands instead of paint brushes. I allowed colors to choose me and freely dropped on the canvas. My hands spreaded the colors on the canvas by following my heart's desire.

Follow the Flow, Jun 2008

Mixed media: acrylic paint, crayons and color pencils

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