Jan 24, 2009

Press Release: 2009 - The Year of Awakening

Press Release: 2009: The Year of Awakening (click here for pdf version)
26 Jan 2009

For immediate release

ArtWaken Mandala Gallery is launched to promote art in a spiritual way that brings inner peace and transformation.

“Are you ready to fly?” asked by Maria Ng, founder of ArtWaken Mandala Gallery.

Despite the global economic challenges, Maria Ng emphasized that 2009 is a great year welcoming unlimited prosperity.

As a self representing mandala artist, Maria Ng launched an online art gallery – ArtWaken Mandala Gallery which promotes art in a spiritual way through creating mandalas. Maria painted her first mandala painting in 2004 and was spiritually awakened with continuous art creations. Maria said that “Most people are spiritually sleeping. They don’t know what they really want and always complain about their lives. Thus our society is filled with negative emotions. The truth is that the outside world is a reflection of our inner world. Our emotional conflict has created chaos in our lives, not the circumstances. To change the world, we must change our thoughts and seek inner peace.”

Mandala is a word comes from Sanskrit means circle or center. Creating mandalas is an expressive art that allows the artists to be away from analytical thinking and truly connected with their hearts. Maria believed that everyone is an artist and is able to paint mandalas without art training. She recommended that it is best to keep some mandala coloring books together with art materials at home and office so that you can create anytime, anywhere. “Art brings healing at the deepest level. If you allow yourself to do something creative for just 10 minutes a day, your life will be transformed gradually. You attract prosperity and abundance only when you have an open heart and open mind”, Maria explained.

To celebrate the launch of ArtWaken Mandala Gallery, Maria is giving away a free mandala art print through monthly lucky draw as well as free download of mandala coloring images on her website. She concluded, “Mandala is a great meditation tool that relaxes our mind. One of the best ways to do mandala meditation is simply to hang it close to your computer monitor, look at it while you are waiting during the process of downloading, printing or scanning files. You will find yourself more focused and productive.”

Be creative. Prosperity comes to our way for sure.

About ArtWaken Mandala Gallery

ArtWaken Mandala Gallery is founded by Maria Ng, a Hong Kong based artist who is passionate about promoting inner peace and awaken people’s inner creativity through creating personal mandalas.

For more information about ArtWaken Mandala Gallery, please visit http://www.artwakenmandala.com/ or http://artwakenmandala.blogspot.com/

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