Dec 31, 2008

Mandala journey begins....

In Dec 2004, I got a chance to attend a Mandala Painting Workshop without knowing what mandala is. It was my first time to create a big acrylic painting. After a 4-day workshop, I completed my first mandala called "Tree of Life". Unlike formal art training class, no painting experience is neccessary to learn mandala painting. In fact, everybody could paint mandala, which resonates to what I believed - Everyone is an Artist.

Mandala painting, for me, is a meditative process which allows me to get in touch with my heart. I realized that "mind as a skillful painter". Imagine canvas is the outside world, our thoughts and feelings are colors and brushes. The painting is a reflection of what we believed and desired to see. It is absolutely our free will and responsibility of choosing our life paths. Mandala painting guides me to remember who I am - a creator of my own destiny. We could change the world only by shifting the perception on how we see ourselves.

"Mandala found me!". I listened to my inner voice and followed a different path which makes my heart sing. I have no idea on what would happened next. The truth is I trust this is the path toward self awakening.

Tree of Life, Dec 2004

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jupiter family said...

Happy New Year!

2009 Fireworks show

Online Satellite said...

It sounds interesting~
no drawing experience is necessary?
how can you do it?
the graphics look good!

Maria Ng said...

Everyone can paint, as long as you allow yourself to do something creative. When you open yourself and let go other people's judgment, you would paint something beautiful.